What we race

Bomber Cars: Usually an older Camaro or similar using a 305 or 350 small block engine with limited modifications. Track record is 17.650 seconds. 

Crash to Pass: Older full sized North American made cars with heavy re-enforcing and powerful engines Track record is 17.937 seconds. 

Crash to Pass

Figure 8 Cars: Small 4 cylinder cars with moderate re-enforcing, they run in a figure 8 pattern around two large tires placed on the front straightaway. Track record is 10.199 seconds. 

Figure 8 Cars

Modifides: Purpose built open wheel race cars, the frame and chassis is usually fabricated, and the body is sheet metal. Track Record is 15.887 seconds


Hornet Cars: Small inexpensive 4 cylinder cars with minimal modifications of any kind. This is our entry level division. Track record is 18.754 seconds. 

Hornet Cars

Roadrunners: Inexpensive 8 cylinder cars with minimal modifications of any kind. This is an entry level division. 

Road Runners

Old Timers: Original steel bodied cars from the 20s, 30s, and 40s, with modern suspension and performance enhancements Track record is 16.319 seconds.

Old Timers

Dwarf Cars: Purpose built race cars with sheet metal bodies patterned after cars of the 20's, 30's and 40's, they use full sized tires and a large motorcycle engine. 

Dwarf Cars

Late Models: Purpose built race cars with extensive modifications and a fiberglass body. Track record is 15.360 seconds.

Late Models 

WilRoc Sprints: Purpose built race cars using alcohol fuel, slick tires, and extensive performance improving modifications. Track record is 12.510 


WilRoc Lites: Similar to WilRoc Sprints, but with less modifications and no wings.

 WilRock Lite

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